The Future of Digital Marketing in The Metaverse KEY27 Marketing Oakville
In case you didn’t know it, the Metaverse is here! While it is true that technologies such as VR and AR have been around for a while already, they are now truly entering the mainstream. Collectively, these technologies and the experiences they generate are referred to as the Metaverse. It is one of the most talked-about topics among tech developers, content creators – and pretty much everyone who uses the internet for any reason at all! What is the Metaverse, and what does it mean for the future of digital marketing? 

– What Is The Metaverse?

First of all, what does the name “Metaverse” actually refer to? Many regard it as the next step in the evolution of the internet. It is essentially a virtual world that closely mimics the real one. Whereas we have become accustomed to seeing and hearing content on the internet as audience members, the Metaverse takes us into the Internet as active participants in an immersive, multisensory, multimedia experience. It achieves this effect through technology such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and highly responsive AI. Social media and virtual currencies will also play a major role.  The metaverse will grow and evolve depending on what users decide to do with it. Its primary features include:
  • Real time. Everything in the Metaverse plays out in sync with the real timeline, meaning.
  • Multiple platforms: Several platforms and technologies work together to create the Metaverse, and it can also join together platforms that were previously discrete from one another. You could, for example, draw content from one game into another, or integrate your social media platforms.
  • It is a fully functioning universe. This makes it perfect for digital marketing and eCommerce, as users can shop, invest, create and own all in one “place.”
  • It promotes user-generated content.
  • It gives users a high degree of agency and autonomy.
  • Like the real world, it is always active. You can log in and out at any time, but it will carry on regardless, with or without you.

– Why Should Digital Marketers Be Aware Of The Metaverse?

The Metaverse merges the real and virtual worlds and changes the way we work, play, and shop. As a result, the way we market anything online will have to change as well. As more and more people adopt VR and AR technology, and start to work and play within the Metaverse more frequently, digital marketing will have to adapt and use the space to its advantage. As people become accustomed to doing everything in the Metaverse, digital marketers will not be able to continue targeting their audiences via established, traditional internet strategies and tactics. All digital marketers need to learn about the Metaverse and start adapting their approach now. 

– Strategies For Digital Marketing In The Metaverse

The central attribute of the Metaverse is interactivity. If you are not already creating interactive experiences as part of your marketing strategies, you will need to start. Once you do begin, you will need to make this kind of experience a central feature of your digital marketing. Think very carefully about your brand and how it will translate into this space. How can you reach your target audience by immersing them in your part of the Metaverse? Digital marketers will need to redefine the customer journey as we know it. The process of generating leads through SEO, PPC, social media or email marketing campaigns will need to transform. Instead of moving from point A on a social media post, Google ad or email to point Z on your eCommerce platform, the customer journey will be more fluid and holistic, and will begin and end in the Metaverse. You will thus need to create strategies that attract, engage and convert your prospects within the virtual space you create.  When it comes to boosting your search engine rankings, you will need to focus more on local SEO. Many businesses already do, but the Metaverse will actually place the emphasis on location-specific SEO. The way VR and AR technology currently works, is to create 3-D experiences around local listings. Users may search for a specific product at a vendor near to them, and AT enhancements will then allow them to test out products virtually before buying. If they are satisfied with the experience, they will then make a purchase. The point is that the search will take them to a vendor that is nearby in the physical world – and that could be you.  It is still early days for the Metaverse, and it is unclear exactly how it will develop. What is certain is that digital marketers will need to have a good understanding of the technology, particularly how to use AI to analyze their markets and create content. Agility and versatility will be more important than ever. Expect the unexpected, and you should be able to thrive in this new world. KEY27 is a digital marketing agency based in Oakville, ON and serves businesses throughout the surrounding area, including the Halton Region, the GTA, Hamilton and the Niagara and Peel Regions. We offer a complete range of internet marketing services, from content marketing and social media marketing to search engine optimization and more. Talk to us about the Metaverse and how you can adapt your digital marketing strategies to build your brand in the world of VR and AR. Contact us for more information .