Website Online Conversion Optimization for non-profit organization, Toronto

It is our pleasure at KEY27 to serve a wide variety of businesses. We take special pride in helping out businesses who in turn help out others. One of our recent clients was operating in the non-profit and counselling industry. A massive tenet of their company is to get resources to people who desperately need them. Improving their online presence was imperative to meeting this goal.The main digital issue this organization was having was that their “resource documents” weren’t emphasized and featured clearly on their website, which resulted in the number of downloads being incredibly low. This posed problems as it is arguably one of the most important sections on the whole website. They reached out to us in an effort to increase the number of downloads for these documents and improve their statistics. We got right to work.Since the problem resided on the client’s website, that is where we did the bulk of our work. Our main service that we employed was Website Conversion Optimization, which optimizes the overall site but also focuses efforts onto one specific area- in this case the repositioning and highlighting of their resources section. Making these resources as accessible as possible was the primary focus, so the layout and design of this section needed to be improved. The repositioning of the resource documents allowed for website visitors to intuitively access them and also allowed for ease of download.
Website Online Conversion Optimization for non-profit KEY27 Marketing Oakville

The results of these changes were exactly what this client was looking for. They saw an increase in the number of Conversions (downloads) by 286%! This means that their downloads almost tripled, and their goal of getting resources out to more people was achieved. We also tracked an increase of the Goal Conversion Rate by 153%, which is a massively improved metric as well.

Serving this client was a pleasure, and their satisfaction with our services and promptness in delivering them was evident. We look forward to working again with them in the future, and other organizations like them.

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