Website Conversion Optimization for a
Property Management company in Toronto

KEY27 Marketing Oakville is a company that prides itself on making clients’ lives easier and their goals come to life. This has been a company motto from the very formation of our organization in 2009, and continues to be at the forefront of our values to this day.

A lot of the clients that we service have well established businesses and accompanying websites before they contact us. That being said, many business owners recognize their online presence could be optimized to bring them more of the clientele they are looking for. Why not have your website work as hard as you do? That’s where KEY27 Marketing can help.

One of our recent clients, operating in the Property Management industry, had a relatively well-functioning website before requesting our services. While he was mostly content with his website’s appearance, he did notice over time that whilst his website hosted plenty of visitors and garnered lots of online traffic, he wasn’t getting many clients from it. He decided he wanted to increase his website’s conversion rate- meaning that his many website visitors would be converted into actual paying customers instead of just browsing its services on the web.

He entrusted us with this task, and we got right to work on accomplishing our client’s goals. The services we performed were out of the gate geared towards converting visitors into customers. Initially we performed a Conversion Optimization Analysis, to examine the behavioural patterns of his online visitors and understand how we could use that to our advantage. Google Analytics is a massively useful tool for such analyses, and was utilized on this occasion. Upon detecting a pattern, we decided to perform an A/B Split Test, using their existing webpage versus an updated version we created for comparison. We allowed this test to run for a while to gather reliable metrics.

The results were fairly instant. In less than a month, the A/B Split Test had revealed that our version of the Home Page had nearly tripled website conversion rate- from their original 0.96% to 3.2%. The 300% increase revealed that our tactics were effective in increasing website conversions and gaining paying customers for our client. This means that due to our services, the revenue from website visitors increased threefold for our client.

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If you, or someone you know, are looking to optimize your website and overall online presence, KEY27 Marketing Oakville is here to help. Our services are specifically tailored to each client’s unique goals for their business. Book your FREE 30 minute consultation today and find out how KEY27 Marketing can help you achieve all your wildest business dreams!

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