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How did the idea of a volleyball team website start?

In September 2022, ahead of the 2022-2023 OVA season, the Pakmen 16U team organized their Parents’ Meeting. Together with the discussions that typically precede the start of a season, one parent posed a question about enhancing online exposure for the players who want to continue post-secondary their career. Just having an Instagram, TikTok, YouTube or GMTM account felt it was not enough.

The notion of developing a dedicated team website emerged from this conversation, leading to the creation of the Pakmen 16U Girls Gold website, named PakmenGirls2025 in anticipation of the team’s graduation year. Drawing upon my roles as a parent, a former high-performance athlete, and a digital marketer, I recognized the evolving landscape that affords greater opportunities for high-performance athletes to showcase themselves online. This is particularly relevant for those aspiring to pursue volleyball at the university, college, national team, or professional levels in both Canada and the US.

Next, we started the construction of the team website and we optimized it. Together, parents and players, we promoted it online every time we had the chance to.

Team Website Project Outcomes

Over a year, the results were noteworthy:

  • The website garnered visibility in 45 countries globally.
  • Hundreds of visitors engaged with the players’ social media profiles.
  • The website attracted over 450 unique monthly visitors on average.
  • More than 1,000 visitors discovered the website through online searches using the team’s or players’ names.
  • Within a year of its launch, an NCAA Div 1 volleyball coach contacted the team.
  • In less than a month after updating the 17U roster page in the second year, another NCAA Div 1 volleyball coach reached out via the website.
NCAA Div 1 volleyball coach email
NCAA Div 1 volleyball coach message

In conclusion, the website effectively achieved its objectives. However, we encountered challenges in persuading all team members to embrace the concept of having a team website, as not everyone envisions or desires a volleyball career beyond club play. Despite these obstacles, our determination persisted.

How did the Volleyball Athletes Site Originated?

To address this challenge, we conceived the idea of establishing individual profiles for volleyball players. These profiles aimed to:

As of now, the second part of the project is in progress and is already showing very good results in a few days after launch!!! We’ll be back with updates in one year.

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