Online Marketing Case Study for Food Industry

In today’s technologically inclined world, tackling digital marketing for your business poses a great deal of challenges and complications. Although incredibly demanding, an online presence is also absolutely necessary in today’s day and age.

Due to the crucial nature of having a solid brand footprint online, and due to the increasingly competitive nature of the world of the web, many people and businesses have ventured into launching a digital marketing campaign by themselves. Goals usually range from advertising in order to boost sales, to merely increasing brand awareness in their local community and beyond.

These goals sound simple enough- however they can be evasive if one is not incredibly skilled in the art of digital navigation.

Because it is so complex, most people gravitate towards services that simplify the online marketing process: such as popular website builders. The promise to “save costs” also draws people into these types of services, since you can “do it yourself” as long as you pay a small fee to the software designers. However, there are perhaps more downsides to the “do it yourself” method than initially supposed. They become more apparent as time goes on and results are stagnant, however.

We at KEY27 have helped people across many industries upgrade their digital marketing campaigns in order to fully reach and exceed their goals. One particular industry to note is the food industry.

This particular client, an Online Food Store in Hamilton, Ontario, had already gone ahead and built themselves a website using a popular website builder platform. Seeing their results fall short of their expectations, they decided to outsource the task to us at KEY27.
Once we took over their campaign, we found that our efforts to increase traffic and website authority were being stifled by certain restrictions that were built into the website builder platform. In essence, the website was limited in the amount of success it could gather- from the very moment that it was created.

We approached the issue from all angles: first targeting Search Engine Optimization goals (SEO) in order to increase website traffic and authority, and also Website Optimization in order to make the customer experience once on the website smooth and enjoyable. Soon we found that the current website platform did not allow us access to nearly enough of the areas where improvements were needed.

After performing thorough analyses of website traffic and visitor behaviour, our recommendation was to move the entire website over to another platform, which was more SEO friendly.

The results speak for themselves. Soon after transferring all the information onto a new platform, we saw a 22% increase in organic traffic to their website. This new platform allowed not only for more customization, but also for better opportunities for optimization.

organic traffic increase on wordpress website

In the end, digital marketing is not just about having an online presence, it is about having an optimal brand image that makes your business desirable in a sea of others. It is not enough to run a campaign, we are here to help you run it right.

We continue to work with this client closely and monitor as their results soar beyond their wildest expectations. This is just the beginning.

Here is one of the latest results, comparing the Organic Traffic on Sept Oct 2020 vs 2021:

organic traffic increase after search engine optimization food store
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