Digital Marketing Services for Auto Service and Auto Sales in Hamilton and Cambridge

A recent client who deals with work in the auto industry had some issues with a partner overseas before coming to work with us here at KEY27 Marketing. Our client was not satisfied with the previous partner’s work.The client needed a more reliable and devoted partner that they could count on to run a complex marketing plan. That’s when they came to us to provide digital marketing services.We supplied services that make us stand out. What we provided for the client includes: The results: we helped to improve the quality and quantity of website traffic to our clients web pages from search engines.We also helped to run their website efficiently and securely by fixing bugs, performing system upgrades, and managing the clients web software, servers, and security.KEY27 Marketing had provided evaluations for marketing efforts and we made suggestions for how to make significant improvements, how to plan, and how to implement social media and other such marketing campaigns.The local search optimization we produced also helped the client become more visible when their services were searched for locally. With the market up-and-downs during the COVID period they are highly benefiting from this.Finally, our advanced link building improved the authority of our client’s website.We created a very good base now to start working on improving the online conversion optimization of the website, through thorough analyses and A/B split testing.Our results prove to exceed expectations. KEY27 Marketing Oakville also proved that we have the ability to take your business to the next level.Contact us to book a free 30 min consulting session.
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