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Companies of all types require digital advertising in this day and age. Since this is the case, the competition is quite stiff in the online space, no matter what industry your business is in. Due to these circumstances, one must find a way to navigate the chaos and stand out. That’s where we, KEY27 Marketing, come in. We are in the business of growing your business through online marketing.

One of our clients, a forklift attachments manufacturer, was noticing a lack of clients being generated from their online presence. This could have been due to a multitude of factors. The client’s goal was to increase the number of clients and leads they were garnering from their online shop (this being an issue about Website Conversion Optimization). They also wanted more visitors from the people searching for their products online (this translates in improving the Website Search Engine Optimization).

Our approach was hands-on from the beginning. Our client was cooperative and trusted us to make the necessary adjustments to their online presence. We took a look at their website and implemented a few changes to optimize their conversion metrics – these were simple but vital changes that created a friendlier user experience and encouraged easy conversion from mere lead to paying customer. In addition to improving their website’s conversion metrics, we also made sure site maintenance was effortless and immaculate, so maintaining the site was not a chore.

The bulk of our efforts were concentrated on Search Engine Optimization for this client. A key factor that significantly boosts Organic Traffic and visibility is Backlink Building, which we extensively focused on. These actions worked tremendously towards achieving the client’s desired goals.

After implementing these tactics, there was a clear increase in the metrics that we were targeting. In the first year we saw an increase in new users by 75% and an increase in Organic Traffic by 138%. Though these numbers are impressive, the most important metric is Conversions: which increased by 158%. This means that this client’s online customers more than doubled in the first year.

We continued to work closely with this client beyond the first year, and every year there has been a consistent increase in Organic Traffic. For example, if we compare January-April 2022 with the first year we started collaborating, there has been a 195% increase in Organic Traffic.

SEO increase in organic traffic

The increase in these specific metrics are clear indications that our approach was appropriate for meeting and exceeding the client’s goals. At KEY27 Marketing Oakville, we tailor our digital strategy according to each client’s individual needs and goals.

If you are looking to improve your online metrics and optimize your website’s performance, let KEY27 give you a hand. Book your FREE 30 minute consultation today and find out how we can help your business get ahead.

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