Digital Marketing Services for Physiotherapy Clinic in Oakville

KEY27 Marketing services many different sectors of industry by helping them build a strong presence online and navigate online marketing with ease. Notably, we lend our expertise to the one in question today: the Healthcare Industry.As all businesses must do to survive in this advanced technological age, this Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic in Oakville, Ontario, decided to venture into the world of online marketing.Initially, this client was self-managing a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Paid Ad campaign in hopes of increasing their website traffic and broadening their roster of clientele. They quickly found that their results were falling short of their expectations, and their budget was being stretched thin with no palpable increase in either metric. Going offline not being an option, they decided to outsource the elaborate task of digital marketing to a team of professionals. That is where KEY27 Marketing came in.The client’s goals were simple: increase the number of clients they booked through their online portals, as well as boost visibility for their brand locally. KEY27 was determined to meet those goals, as well as strengthen other aspects of the client’s online presence. Some of the services provided by KEY27 included: The growth and progress were evident immediately. The client’s goals were not only met, but exceeded. The results of the digital marketing campaigns are worth noting: Although the client’s budget remained the same (which included now our administration fee) for their Paid Ads Campaigns (PPC), their results saw immediate improvement. KEY27 was able to generate more leads with less budget, by focusing the efforts of the campaigns in the right direction. We managed the ongoing ads closely and improved their efficiency regularly based on the data collected.Initially, the client’s online presence was scattered and inconsistent- something that does not bode well in the competitive world of the web. Through multiple services such as the website maintenance and search engine optimization (SEO), we were able to tighten the image that the Physio clinic was presenting and increase their website’s authority on the web. This, in turn, generated more traffic to their website. In fact, organic local traffic increased by 139.64% since KEY27 started working with this client.Just looking at the last 12 months performance, over the previous 12 months, there is a 27.3% increase in Organic traffic increase during covid by KEY27 Marketing OakvilleGetting people to visit the website is one thing, but making them new, paying clients is another. Through KEY27’s efforts, the clinic saw a 39.3% improvement in the Website Conversion rate, which is no small feat. On top of merely finding and converting new customers, KEY27 has also offered consulting services, which are of immense importance in keeping the momentum and steering the business continually forward.improving website conversion optimization with AB split test KEY27 OakvilleThe results procured by KEY27 for this client are a testament to one thing: it is not only affordable, but ultimately necessary to hire a professional team to manage a business’s digital presence and advertising. The Physio and Sports Clinic has found that the return for each $1 invested in digital marketing generated $13 in revenue in 2020 alone.The evidence is there to prove that targeted and focused digital marketing works. KEY27 has proved that we are able to guide you and your business forward: let us take you to the next level. Contact us to book a FREE 30 minute consulting session.
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