Professional Accounting Services

At KEY27 Marketing Oakville, our first and utmost priority is our clients’ satisfaction. Whatever sector your business may operate in, we are committed to helping you achieve your online marketing goals and needs. This case study will be focusing on work performed and results achieved for a client whose business provides professional accounting services. When they first came to us, our client was dealing with several issues on the online marketing front; although most of their issues were not uncommon ones for any business trying to advertise online. The client was struggling to garner clients of a certain demographic which they knew they could accommodate; namely US citizens in need of financial and accounting guidance. They felt like there was a gap in their marketing efforts which led to them missing out on customers simply due to their lack of exposure on the US market. They weren’t exactly sure how to proceed to garner more customers in this very competitive market. They also felt their online lead generation was falling behind their desired standards. All of these issues were something we had encountered and resolved before at KEY27 Marketing, and thus we were eager to get started on rectifying our client’s position with regards to their online presence and modifying it to better suit their goals. After consulting with our client and ironing out their specific goals and budget, we got right to work. Our first order of business was to assess the field: we performed an initial Online Competitive Analysis. This is a process that can gauge how one’s business metrics compare with other comparative businesses. It provides a report that shows what other competitors are doing online and allows for us to understand what opportunities we could provide and enhance for our client. Another crucial part of our strategy was to perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Focusing on search engine ranking was the most sure-fire way to increase our client’s exposure like they requested. SEO is integral to any marketing campaign’s success, and we targeted the Canadian and US markets with our efforts. Marketing campaigns with a focus on SEO almost always achieve more desirable results than those without SEO.  
Search Engine Optimization Organic Traffic increase in 4 years

The results were exactly what our client was looking for. We saw an increase in the Organic Traffic on their website by 455% over 4 years! And that’s the magic of SEO!

No matter what your goals are, KEY27 Marketing can help you achieve them with tailored marketing plans constructed uniquely for your business. If you would like to learn how KEY27 Marketing can help you and your business, book your first FREE 30 minute consultation with us today!

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