Online Marketing for Interior Design Firm in Oakville

Every business needs an online presence. This being common knowledge, it is important to note that the online space itself is an increasingly competitive one. It is imperative that you or your business not only present a front on the World Wide Web, but that you do so in the most optimal fashion conceivable. That is the main purpose of hiring a digital marketing company- to ensure that your business is putting its best foot forward to the widest available market known to man– Internet users.

Today we are going to be looking at how our competent digital marketing team at KEY27 made an enormous difference in an Interior Design Firm’s online gains.

This particular client had a lot going for them already, as they were known within their local community and they were doing their best to run a social media. However, even all those attributes were not enough for them to stand out in the online world. Their website conversion rate (how many customers requested their services after browsing their website) was falling well short of their expectations. After careful analysis by our team, it was concluded that their website’s authority (a word used to describe the trustworthiness and rank-ability of a certain site) was poor and they had a lack of backlinks (which increase the authority of a website) that promoted their website as well.

We got to work immediately by running a continuous campaign of backlink building- which included citations, directories and advanced link-building. Given that their website was curated on a website-builder platform, we performed as much SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as was allowed within those parameters. We tackled their Online Conversion problem by analyzing their website closely, as well as consulting the analytics reports, in order to deduce the best practices that would improve their performance. We applied said practices and saw tremendous results.

Shortly after implementing these changes, we registered a 50.2% increase in their Organic Traffic in 2020 compared to 2019. This meant that their website’s authority increased tremendously within a short time-frame.

organic traffic increase for interior design firm oakville

Furthermore, that number increased to 389% in April 2021 compared to April 2020.

organic traffic performance for interior design firm oakville

As the world moved to a predominantly online environment last year, this client was prepared for the influx of customers that got sent their way. Their online conversion rate improved along with their website’s authority, and they were able to handle the new load.

In our efforts, we also increased the amount of quality backlinks by 65%, which will work to increase their metrics well into the future.

backlinks increase for interior design firm oakville

In sum, professional insight works. Whether your business is just starting out or is already established online, the wealth of knowledge provided by a qualified digital marketing team is priceless and delivers exponential returns.

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