Internet Marketing services for Optical Store Hamilton

What is the purpose of a digital marketing company? Simple: to help your business navigate the complex world of the Internet and capture the attention of distracted users. The world online moves at lightning speed, so you only have a few seconds to make a good first impression. Our job is to make sure that impression is the first, but definitely not the last. Our clients at KEY27 Marketing come to us from a myriad of industries. Today, we will look at how our efforts have helped a Hamilton Optical Store to catch browsers’ eyes. The client faced a few issues. Firstly, their website was outdated and unfriendly. On the rare occasion that a customer landed on their website, it was difficult to inspire confidence and trustworthiness in the company’s products and services by looking through their site. This, in turn, resulted in a low number of clients generated online (lower Online Conversions). Aside from their website being off-putting, their brand image was scattered and did not inspire confidence. I short, this client was providing quality services, but that was not evident in the way that they presented themselves online. This is where we came in. We did a full 180 on their online presence. We used many tools from our tool-kit. We completely redesigned their website, making it mobile friendly and more user conscious. On top of its new look and feel, the website was also more flexible and compatible with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Because of these new allowances, an SEO campaign could be implemented to increase their website’s authority and generate organic traffic. We also worked on solid brand management. Under our watch, all of their content was used to amplify the quality of their professional brand image. Across all platforms, their brand voice and tone was the same in order to inspire unity and confidence. We developed, curated and managed the substance of their content so it would match the quality of their services and represent them as such. Add in social media management, conversion optimization, and A/B testing, and we had a recipe for success on our hands. The results indicate that all of that hard work was worth it. After an initial 20.55% increase in Organic Traffic in 2019 versus 2018, we saw an increase of 179.88% in April 2021 versus April 2020. organic traffic increase for optical store hamilton Immediately after our website re-design, there was an 80% increase in Online Conversions. website conversion optimization eyeglasses hamilton These are all indicators that a strong brand image and an easy-to-use interface can make a world of difference for your business online. With our expert advice and personalized strategies, our clients see fast and reliable results that go above and beyond their business’s goals. Book your FREE 30 minute consultations with KEY27 today, and let us help you drive your business forward.
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