What is Online Marketing Consulting KEY27 Marketing Oakville
Let’s make  2022 the year to not merely survive, but thrive with an online presence strategically crafted through online marketing consulting.The primary benefit of e-marketing is its effectiveness in reaching and engaging with prospects and customers. In the same way, the digital marketing agency you partner with needs to connect with you and the needs of your company. Look for a company that:
  • Shares the vision of your organization and aligns with your values
  • Is credible – look for accreditations, certifications, and third-party reviews and testimonials
  • Has relevant expertise – not just in the general e-marketing environment, but as specialists in what you need and ideally also experience in your field.

Benefits of Online Marketing Consulting

More than just website design, blog posts, and Google analytics, online marketing consulting comes with a host of benefits for your organization.Agencies and their consultants give you a competitive edge by sharing their expert opinions, providing specialized assistance, and helping you circumvent pitfalls and mistakes. Marketing consulting services are customized to fulfil your complex digital marketing needs.Although marketing consultants share your company’s vision, they are an external resource that offers a fresh look at your existing marketing efforts. By regarding your consultants as third-party advisors, you can explore new interpretations and hypothesise solutions using accurate research and data.Making use of a digital marketing agency gives you flexibility – whether you require collaboration on a temporary basis for a specific task, or if you are evaluating your options. Online marketing consulting saves you the cost of overheads and commitment of setting up an in-house department.

Is Online Marketing Consulting Suitable for your Business?

Hiring specialists allows you to focus on what you do best – run your business, while we focus on our forte – impactful digital marketing:Market research is improved and more effective thanks to online data resources. Tools such as Social Mention and Google Keyword Tool provide accurate marketing insights at a fraction of the cost of traditional surveys and interviews.Customer centric. Consultants use consumer data to drive marketing decisions so that they can effectively segment and personalize campaigns for the ultimate in customer centric marketing.Marketing strategy is greater than the sum of its parts. Rather than proceeding with haphazard marketing campaigns, following a well thought out roadmap yields a better return on your investment. Including objectives and KPIs, marketing analytics, SEO, content marketing, social media, lead generation, and marketing automation ensures a strategy that is cost-effective.Branding. A cornerstone of your marketing strategy, branding is more than just a logo and color scheme. A marketing consultancy agency skilfully manages perceptions and highlights the meaning and behind the brand through creative messaging across different channels.Technology. Once the stuff only imagined in science fiction, artificial intelligence, voice search engine optimization, and so on are now part of today’s digital marketing toolbox. As the crowded landscape of online marketing constantly evolves, adopting the latest innovations is the only way for your business to remain competitive. Not only are marketing consultancies au fait with all the tech advances, but they are also skilled at aligning them with your business goals and objectives.E-commerce. Having skyrocketed during the pandemic, online shopping is an essential aspect of modern business. E-commerce consulting includes not just a strategy to reach your target market, but also cross selling, tracking, and email automation for personalization of each customer’s journey.

5 Ways It Can Help Grow Your Business

You have heard it said that “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. This may raise hackles, but the increase in success rates is enormous. A recent survey showed that top marketers report success:
  • 356% more when they proactively plan projects
  • 376% more when they set targets
  • 397% more when they are organized.
Digital marketing consultancy services have the expertise to improve your business with these five best practices:
  1. Formulate a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy
To do so, your digital marketing consultant will first analyze your current marketing performance, how you compare to your competitors, your target audience, and what your objectives are.From there, the most appropriate tactics will be outlined in an actionable, comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Let us help you scale your business and put you on the path to success.
  1. Develop a Strategy to Convert Leads into Sales
To generate more relevant leads and then increase sales, paid advertising is an impactful tool.Although not the only advertising channel, Google’s ROI figures prove the efficacy of paid ads – for every $1 spent, you get $2 in revenue. Your online marketing consultant will direct you through the paid ads placement choices – social media, video, search engines etc. – as well as keywords, duration, and audience segmentation. With their experience and resources, online marketing professionals ensure better results for your budget.
  1. Create Suitable KPIs
Every aspect of business needs key performance indicators and metrics to monitor your performance. Online marketing is no different.As part of our consulting services, KEY27 Marketing establishes KPIs to track the progress towards your business growth goals. We guide you through the analytics tools and software used to measure and report on internet marketing projects and how to decipher these insights.
  1. Keep You Competitively Current
As Heraclitus pointed out, “The only constant… is change”, and this applies tenfold to digital marketing trends!Gain a competitive edge using cutting-edge concepts and innovative marketing strategies. The easiest way to stay abreast of the latest digital marketing trend is to rely on your digital marketing consultancy team.
  1. Establish an Omnichannel Presence
Because of the complexity of the modern customer journey, sharing consistent campaigns across a range of marketing channels and activities is invaluable. Steadily improving your business online conversion to reach the top level requires expert counsel in:
  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Content strategy
  • Web design, and so much more.
Since 2009, KEY27 Marketing has been in the business of growing enterprises through digital marketing. Because of our safe, efficient, and better organized manner, remarkable service, and thorough knowledge, we have become a go-to online marketing consulting firm in the Greater Toronto Area. Get in touch with us today for a complimentary 30-minute consulting session.