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To be transparent, in the literal sense, means to be clear. It entails that something (or someone) is completely see-through – allowing light to shine on things the way they truly are.

In a world of Tinder Swindlers and Anna Delveys, transparency from a business (and individuals associated with it) is increasingly vital. Many entities hide behind a filter that shields their true colours. That being said, transparency in the business world does not mean that every single detail is shared with every single client- everyone who knows a thing or two about business knows that’s a recipe for disaster. Transparency instead means that a business is honest with its clients about what it can achieve and how they will achieve it. Since nobody wants to feel like they got swindled, being honest about goals and realities is the bare minimum a business should be providing their clients in 2022.

So, how does a business achieve transparency with their clients? At KEY27 Marketing Oakville, we think we have achieved the right balance required to build trust with clients while keeping the process streamlined.

There are a few ways to create a transparent relationship with a client. The first step to achieving this is to be upfront and honest about what your business can do. Overselling your abilities and promising your client a certain result – only to then then fail to deliver said result – will quickly create a rift in your professional relationships and compromise the level of trust you can achieve permanently.

At KEY27 Marketing we are committed to working with each of our clients to discuss and achieve realistic goals. We listen to our clients’ desires and concerns, and appropriately gauge how we would be able to help. The process is honest and transparent from the very first interaction. The client is aware from the get-go what the plan is to achieve their goals- and also made aware that in a volatile and competitive market, different methods will yield different results for each unique case scenario. By setting up realistic expectations, we aim to drive home the fact that our relationship with each client is a partnership- we are in it together. By keeping the client up to date on how our campaign strategy is performing (in other words being transparent), we are allowing them to have a say in which direction their ship is steered. This, in turn, solidifies our professional relationship and standing with our clients. We value our clients’ time and resources, so withholding information about obstacles in the road would be a big mistake for any business to make- fortunately our policy aligns with our transparent values and that is not an issue at KEY27.

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KEY27 Marketing aims to give our clients peace of mind that their online marketing is in good hands. By giving them insight into our process, instead of keeping them entirely out of the loop and making outlandish promises, we have found that we are much more easily able to achieve and even exceed the initial goals.

An informed client has much better chances of being invested and successful than an uniformed one. A collaboration where both the client and the service provider feel heard yields the best results. Thus, at KEY27 Marketing we strive to embody success and transparency at every turn.

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