Nov 28, 2022

Webinar for parents and coaches:A Better Online Exposure for

Volleyball Athletes








Thank you for being interested in this presentation.

As a former high-performance athlete, a volleyball parent and an experienced online marketer, I have a unique perspective on how to help young volleyball athletes to continue their career, in Canada and US.

Imagine this: a college coach hears about a team and she/he would like to see more about it. Opens an internet browser and types in the name of the team. What do you think will find?

Most probably, nothing relevant. After a few different tries just some players’ names might come out. It’s a guaranteed way to build frustration.

We started an experiment a month ago and I have a story, results and a plan to share with you. It’s the Pakmen 16U girls Gold Diem website:

The webinar date is Nov 28, 2022, starting at 8 pm. Save it in your calendar.

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