How 14 years old boy from Oakville is seen by people from all over the world.

Disclaimer: I am a professional working in Online Marketing Consulting field, so I am used with stories and case studies about how impactful is Social Media.

These days I am living it more than usual.

How is that? Because of 2 videos.

EXHIBIT A: One (less impressive) got more than 700 views on Facebook (in 2 days) and is still counting.

It was me with a Thank You note for my family and friends who wished me Happy Birthday!

And I have less than 600 friends on FB.

The video is just a simple one, casual shot, but it looks like got more traction than a written thank you note. I AM NOT minimizing the written Thank You notes, here!

And here is the conclusion (which we heard it before): a video has more impact than a text. Use it with creativity and your online presence will benefit from it.

EXHIBIT B: a much more impressive case

As some of you know, my son is playing rep volleyball, in his 2nd year, at PAKMEN Mississauga, 15U division, as of now.

He put a lot of work and energy into this, like a lot of his PAKMEN colleagues.

He also take ‘classes’ from Reid Hall, at Reid’s Workouts, to improve his strength.

Watching them playing is a moment I am looking for each time.

I am so passionate, that I made a team with my wife: she is taking pictures, I am recording videos (when I am not referring ).

At his last tournament. He had the chance (is like one in a million chance to get those ‘conditions’) to smack a ball so hard, it hit the gym’s scoring board (#14). Here is the video:

As a proud father, I posted it on YouTube … got 53 views .. .nothing special here.

But I posted it also, on my FB page, where it got 141 views and some comments. A little bit better.

In the same time, Reid, posted the same video on his FB page, where the video got 1,900 views !!!! and one comment saying ‘Hey.. show this to …’

Reid post it on his Instagram account, too, where it got 284 likes and 18 comments.

PAKMEN posted the video on their Instagram page, got 975 likes and 34 comments.

But the story does not end here: somebody sent the video to… and this is where it takes a totally different spin: in 4 hours the video got 10,400 likes and 264 comments from all over the world!

UPDATE: as of Feb 23,  2016, there are 13,900 LIKES and 419 comments.

Luca volleyball player video


  1. You need different channels to publish your content.
  2. You need to look for the one(s) suitable for your ‘business’.
  3. Do not settle for small results. You can do better with your online presence.

Not sure how to do it? Ask you Online Marketing Expert and stick to his/her plan.

I hope you enjoyed the video .