I would like to start with a quote from one of my networking partners: “Is amazing how many young business people are not aware how to use online tools for their business” Which is true: a lot of us, pursuing our dreams, looking to do what we like most or to make a living out of a hobby we are trying, the most, to be exceptional in our field. We read, we train, we test, we fail, we learn, we move forward. But our businesses are more than just our expertise in … (put here your field) … So, how do we go about that? If the business is small, we will try to learn it and do it ourselves. The pro: we are saving money. The con: we take time from what we are doing best and spend it with something which needs to be done. We are spending resources instead of using our resources to create value. So, how do we go about this? Why not work with a professional who has the expertise, the experience, the quality of deliverables you are looking for? Somebody who can save your time, troubleshooting easier and faster and who will know how to go over roadblocks. YES, I hear you: you have to trust such a person with your dream! And this is not easy. But, we need to look and build this trust with the professionals around us. On long term and very long term (considering that you want to stay in business for very long time) this relationship you built over time will pay off. How long it takes to build trust? Hmmmm … There is no manual (or maybe it is and I did not find it). Where do we start? We need to keep in mind that we have to look for people who are sharing our values and can prove results in the areas you need. I think this is a good start. How important is such a partnership / professional relationship? I will conclude with another quote: “I prefer a testimonial on my Google profile page instead of a referral’