What does it mean to SERVE at KEY27 online Marketing Oakville

The word “serving” can elicit a great number of expectations and images, depending on the context that it is used in. When arriving at a fine-dining establishment, one can expect to be “served” with the utmost respect, and have all of their needs met with ease. Multiple philosophies around the world exclaim that we are all called to “serve” one another on a daily basis. To “serve” your country means to devote yourself fully to other people’s wellbeing, even at the expense of your own.
Although it is not always used with the same degree of severity, it is always used to elicit a feeling of comradery and instill a certain dedication and devotion. In the grand scheme of things, the word “serving” is used to inspire that one party trust another party to accomplish a common goal: excellence.

That is the meaning we strive to inspire at KEY27 Marketing when we say we will “Serve” Your Business Online. From the very first interaction between our team and your business, there will be a clear indication of complete dedication to you and your goals. We are at your service.

Why Use A Digital Marketing Team?

It used to be possible to run a business on your own and entirely offline. You’d set up shop, rent a storefront, and rely on your good service and word of mouth to spread your business like wildfire.
Unfortunately, those days are long gone.

In an age of overwhelming digital development, businesses must adapt and keep up in an increasingly competitive online space. Especially in the times of Covid-19, we have seen the entire collective switch to a predominantly online society. With this switch have come new challenges for businesses, such as gaining and maintaining the attention of customers- who are now presented with too many options to count for all services imaginable.

While some businesses opt to give digital marketing a go themselves, it quickly proves to be more complex than initially anticipated. The amount of hours and courses that need to be invested for a successful marketing campaign are endless, and most business owners simply do not have the time.

That is where we come in. Our team is experienced and dependable, possessing knowledge and foresight that is necessary in this ever-changing environment of the internet. We work to accommodate all budgets and goals that the clients desire, as well as go above and beyond to ensure the success of all of our clientele. This way, you can focus your efforts into improving the business in other areas, resting assured that your business is staying competitive online.

We do believe it is our duty to truly serve all of our customers. Every single one of our clients receives a full-service experience, regardless of their goals or budget they possess. Using KEY27 Marketing as your expert team of navigators in the digital world is the difference between staying at a 3-star hotel (DIY) and an all-inclusive resort. We will truly take care of everything online-related for you.

What services does KEY27 offer?

The services offered at KEY27 range from mere marketing consulting, to full on management and administration of a business’s online presence. The benefits of using an established team to craft a solid business front on the internet are numerous and vast. Some of the benefits include:

  • Presenting a solid brand image to potential customers
  • Creating leads from customers who would otherwise not have engaged with your business
  • Increasing your website’s, and therefore your business’s, authority on the web
  • Expanding your clientele roster through data analysis and action
    among many others.

These goals are achieved through multiple services such as:

and others, based on client needs.

In accordance with our philosophy of serving our clients from the very beginning, we offer a complementary, FREE 30 minute consultation in order to find how can we help with your business needs.
Let us help you navigate through uncertain digital waters and propel your business forward.