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Many companies claim to be “results-oriented”. But what does that actually mean?

What does it mean to be results-oriented?

On an individual level, it entails having purpose and the necessary drive to achieve your set goals.

As a company, the definition expands much further: encompassing values that are pivotal in the success of any type of business. A company being results-oriented signals to potential clients that that company is not only visionary, but that it takes its vast experience and expertise and knows how to apply it. It is a promise that you are in good hands should you employ this company’s services.

In light of that definition, it should be no surprise that at KEY27 Marketing Oakville we take pride in saying that we are first and foremost a results-oriented digital marketing and design company. We are not afraid to promise great results, because we know how to deliver them.

Digital marketing is a must-have in 2022. The success of a company in our day and age depends greatly on digital success on the web. This is why, as much as any company requires vision, a digital marketing company does so more than most. As a business owner with a computer and an internet connection, you will have no trouble finding a plethora of digital marketing firms and self-proclaimed “experts” who vaguely claim they can take you to the top. The reality is that not many are going to be able to deliver- the road to digital marketing success is murky and ripe with obstacles, foreseen and unforeseen.

In a sea of empty promises and half-hearted marketing campaigns, it is important to have strict, achievable goals and a capable team with a tailored, targeted plan in order to keep your head above water. The trick to navigating these troubled waters? Expertise, specificity, and most importantly: vision.

Our specialty at KEY27 Marketing is to be result-oriented. We stand apart from other marketing firms simply by being so client-driven: aiming high and possessing the appropriate knowledge needed to accomplish the unique goals of every single client.

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Why is being results-oriented such a big deal?

With so much competition online, it is important that all efforts be focused in the right direction when it comes to marketing campaigns. No resources should be wasted in futile efforts that do not uplift the ultimate goal desired by the client. A strategy must be set in place, so that your marketing campaign doesn’t get lost in the cacophony that is online advertising. At KEY27 Marketing, it is evident through our detailed and comprehensive campaign design that we possess the knowledge, drive and dedication to accomplish every client’s specific, desired results.

The End Goal

The first question we ask at KEY27 Marketing is: What is the end goal?  Setting up the problem with the end in mind creates the path forward with more clarity than would be gained from a loosely defined goal. Setting a concrete and achievable goal is the equivalent of seeing the light at the end of a dark tunnel- it saves you a lot of fumbling in the dark. This, in turn, saves valuable resources- finance and brand wise. The most important part of the journey, before you even set off, is knowing where you are trying to go: aiming for the center and landing as close to it as possible.

The trouble with goal-setting in our current climate is that there are a LOT of options to choose from.

Deciding which digitally-engineered result would best suit your company’s brand and financial gains is something that only a professional team would be able to help you discover.

The team at KEY27 Marketing Oakville has the experience and knowledge to steer your business’s ship through the rough waters of the internet, and, to continue the metaphor, help you dock at the right port in the right harbour.
Tailored Plans

We know each client is unique, and thus we do not recycle campaigns. Each client has specific, individual needs that are addressed with a fresh and inspired plan to propel your business towards your goals. In addition to having strict goals, it is important to acknowledge the fact that things most often do not go according to plan. Our ability to adjust and readjust to the obstacles that appear is another thing that sets us apart- it is not a “one and done” deal when you bring on board the KEY27 Marketing team. We are tethered to your campaign and vision until it is achieved.

Let us help you achieve and transcend your business goals. Book your FREE 30 minute consultation with us today!

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