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Marketing has witnessed significant shifts from how Covid-19 is changing consumer behavior, with many changes possibly altering the industry indefinitely. Customer behavior has fluctuated significantly over the last year. However, there are reasons for marketers to be more hopeful than ever about their engagement. Mobile marketers have a particularly captive audience right now, and the proof is at peak levels of mobile app engagement. Covid-19 propelled positive outcomes for mobile marketers, with app downloads across shopping, gaming, and finance reaching all-time highs. Optimism and the fact that each challenge brings in opportunity, Covid-19 and its challenges, has made the compelling need of newer ways and means of connectivity and thereby a re-look at digital mobile marketing and advertising approach to reach out to masses.

The impact of Covid-19 on changing consumer behavior

Despite the challenges in 2020, there were certainly some positives. We found alternative ways to stay connected and discovered how technology could simplify our lives. What we have witnessed is that the Covid-19 pandemic sped up the digital transformation. Many companies have turned to mobile marketing and messaging to embrace these changes, and we expect messaging will continue to support market trends as we advance in 2021. Here are some of the most impactful changes in consumer behavior that marketers, if not businesses, need to consider as they evolve their messaging and marketing efforts.

Consumer preferences for convenience continue

2020 has given many consumers a taste of the convenience of completing tasks without changing out of their pajamas, and we do not see that changing any time soon. From curbside pickups to same-day delivery, many businesses leveraged the power of mobile messaging to enable socially distanced services without requiring consumers to download an app. The growing consumer preference for shopping, eating, and enjoying entertainment from home will continue to impact many industries. As consumers have turned to mobile applications for the ultimate convenience, it only makes sense for brands to simplify the buyer’s journey by taking advantage of the channel used to communicate most on our phones—mobile messaging. Mobile messaging strategies such as automated delivery updates, enabling curbside pickup, and sending shoppable links make the buying process more straightforward and convenient than ever before.

Increasing value on privacy and personalization force companies to try new channels

Google and Apple have announced plans to increase privacy measures on their platforms. Apple’s change brings previously hidden data tracking settings to the forefront by asking users via a pop-up if they would like to allow the app to track their data for advertising purposes. Google announced that Chrome would stop supporting third-party cookies by early 2022. These changes will dramatically affect the ability to target advertisements on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook and will ultimately require businesses to rely on their own data and marketing channels. Many brands turn to mobile messaging to fill this gap with highly targeted and perfectly timed messages delivered directly to the consumer’s phone. Careful list management and a deep understanding of the customer journey across all channels, including mobile and web, will be critical for companies to maintain the level of personalized, relevant content that was once simplified by third-party advertising. Marketing message volume is on the increase via email, push notifications, and text messages, as an alternative to advertising. Brands are trying to establish more direct and closer relationships with consumers through more personal channels.

The challenges of 2020 have accelerated shifts in consumer behavior that we have been warned about for many years now. Brands invested in mobile messaging for marketing, customer service, and other operations are ahead of the game and have a distinct competitive advantage. If you have not yet considered the many ways that mobile messaging can improve your digital marketing and overall business strategy, it is not too late. Mobile messaging is an innovative way to embrace these changes, and Key27 can help you get started.

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