Some of us grew up in an environment where we could not say too much, we could not express our opinions. At that time, it was not allowed or it was not a habit or it was considered rude. We grew up, the things changed, the cultures evolved and the technology offered us a way not to just communicate but to ‘push’ our message to a group of people. This is how ANYBODY can say ANYTHING and post it online, for EVERYBODY to see/read. Isn’t it wonderful? NO, IT IS NOT. Because, even though they are rules of conduct online, nobody cared to teach them in school. (I might exaggerate, but stay with me).
Online Reviews Going Bad
How this will affect online reviews? Quote: “The case is an example of the dangers of using the internet to publish information without proper regard for its accuracy.” The above quote is clear: you might be unhappy with the products/services you are receiving. And you have the right to say it. BUT, MAKE SURE you have relevant information to support your claim. There are a lot of great professionals and companies out there. They all deserve fair reviews, because for a local business, these reviews are helping. Let us know if we did make your day. If you’re happy, please take few minutes and write it online, for others to read it. Because a lot of us are looking for professional, quality, reliable services and products. As business owners, we also deserve to know if something can be improved. So, let us know if we did something that did not reach your expectations. It can happen, unfortunately. In the high majority of the cases, there is something that can be done about it. It just needs communication, transparency and willingness to hear the other. You might be right. Make sure you bring your facts, so it will be easy to manage and fix. Otherwise, if you do not have the facts in order, spend more time thinking if is right to ruin somebody’s day …. or business. Article link:
Online Reviews have consequences