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Is your business following the latest social media trends? It should be! Social media trends can provide an excellent opportunity to provide visibility for a brand, grow its following and enhance search engine optimization (SEO). In short, it is the new way to keep your business on top of your customer’s or client’s search. Let’s find out more about the benefits of social media trends and why you should be using them for your SEO.

How does social media influence SEO?

Does social media affect SEO? Although it doesn’t directly affect SEO, your social media content can help you to keep up with trends in SEO. In other words, it affects the factors that relate specifically to SEO. Your SEO marketing campaign should focus on social media for many reasons. Here are some of the reasons why social media is important for SEO purposes:

  • It drives traffic to your web pages

Traffic is the key factor in SEO services. Without traffic, you will lose customers and leads. Social media helps you to increase the visibility that your content receives when someone clicks on your links. When you see a lot of people sharing your content across digital channels, you’re going to see more people coming to your website. The result? An increase in your ranking.

  • Social media ranks in the best SEO results

Your social media profiles are more important than you think. Most social media profiles rank in search engine results. When you create a social media profile, you’ll often see it on the first page, even if your content is not public yet. Think about looking for a business that you need – you are going to search for contact details on Google and you’ll see that the first thing that pops up is their Facebook page. It is therefore important to keep your handles up to date as they will help to drive more traffic for your business.

  • SEO vs content marketing

Social media makes your content market reach as many people as possible. Sometimes people will find your content if they search for it, which limits your visibility. Social media however will promote your content by literally putting it in front of people. It is better to reach for your content. Apart from posting alone, social media tags can help to bump your post into people’s feeds. Once it is in someone’s feed, they are more likely to link to the content to read it or visit our website page.

  • Social media affects local SEO

Your contact details are important for local search rankings. If your details are consistent through all of your social media channels, you can boost your ranking in local SEO. You should be updating your contact details for better SEO and visibility across all networks.

– Use social media trends to drive traffic to your site

There is a good reason why businesses recreate trending content and the reason is SEO. While something may not seem relevant to your brand, taking a trending piece of content and recreating this for your SEO marketing is a good way to get on your customers’ social media feeds. Of course, this does not mean using the exact content, but rather getting your unique message across by joining a trend.

Here are some tips you can use to drive traffic to your website:

  • Use the trending sections:

A good way to use trends to drive traffic to your site is to use the trending tab on social media. You can find this on TikTok’s discovery tab for example. You can use trending hashtags on your posts and audio that is provided by TikTok itself.

  • Add a call-to-action

Don’t forget the call to action which will let people know where to purchase your products, and services or drive them to your homepage. A good call to action would look something like this “visit our website for more details” or “click on the link on our bio for more”.

  • Look at things your customers search for

What are some of the things your customer is searching for? Find these items and use them in trending videos or hashtags to increase your traffic and brand reputation.

– Tips on creating an effective marketing campaign

You need to create an effective marketing campaign to make yourself go viral on social media. A social media marketing campaign is harder than a regular advertising marketing campaign. There are a lot more tools involved and you are going to be needing a social media manager and a social media kit. Your campaigns need to work across your social media channels and be effective in spreading your message to generate views, and trends and get clicks on your website.

Here are some tips you can take to create an effective marketing campaign:

  • Find your target market

Who is the audience you are targeting? You need to answer these questions before you even start planning your campaign. You need to specifically target your audience and create reliable content for your target market. For example, if you choose marketers and influencers based on popularity, rather than your target market, it will generate the support from your followers or lead to them clicking your website.

  • Define your goals

What are your goals? Are you looking to increase your exposure across all social media networks or are you looking to boost sales? After you find your goals, you can choose social media channels that specifically relate to them. If you are looking to sell a product related to businesses, for example, you may want to try Facebook business pages rather than Instagram social media feeds. Your goal will also help you to find influencers who can help you to relate to your brand.

  • Hire a professional

As we mentioned, social media marketing isn’t easy. You cannot rely on your teams if they are not skilled or have experience in social media. Finding a professional social media manager, social media marketing manager, or hiring social media teams will help you to avoid putting extra pressure on your team.

The K27 social media marketing teams are professionally trained and have many years of experience when it comes to helping businesses with their social media marketing. We can help you to keep up with social media trends and influence SEO. Our team will drive traffic to your website and increase your brand visibility.

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