All businesses, particularly newly launched ventures, rely on increased sales. Navigating through marketing strategies to achieve results might seem an intimidating task, but conversion rate optimization (CRO) can boost your revenue. This strategy is a systematic approach in which the percentage of website visitors is increased through specific actions. It could mean that customers have to fill out a form or take a particular action to complete your site goal and become a “conversion.” CRO doesn’t have to break the bank and can be done in-house. Here are some tips on improving the buyer’s journey to get more leads with the help of CRO.

Conversion rate optimization in online retail

CRO focuses on retaining customers on your site to convert them into buying (conversion funnel optimization) – a crucial aspect for any online retail business. Two of the most significant CRO benefits include:
    • A better understanding of your customers CRO helps determine who your customer is, and testing allows you to establish their preferences. Once you understand who your customers are, conversion optimization will enable you to develop buyer personas.
    • More customers and lower customer acquisition cost Continuous online conversion optimization helps you to better understand your customers, which leads to improved user experience (UX). When your customers have a satisfying experience on your site, you might notice an increase in customers from the same amount of traffic received. Simply, customer acquisitions will cost you less money.

Ecommerce optimization tactics

Consumer behaviour and methods to reach customers remain fluid in the flow of developing technology. In a competitive landscape where business owners are all trying to boost profitability, conversion optimization can help convert current eCommerce site users. Here are some of the most popular optimization tactics: 1. Have detailed and high-quality images of products 2. Test your checkout process to ensure that the experience is seamless 3. Shopping cart abandonment is a reality. Use tools and plugins to remind customers of the items in their cart to convert the sale. 4. Structure product categories for customers to navigate your site in a logical (and fast) manner. 5. Always have a visible shopping cart. Ensure that customers can view their cart and its contents on every page. 6. Allow customers to shop as guests. Many consumers don’t want to go through the effort to sign up for an account, and it could quickly force a bounce rate from your site. Remember, you’ll have the customer’s name and email once they make a purchase. 7. Offer free shipping and coupons. If you need to work this into your product pricing to compete with big eCommerce brands, it is worth it. Coupons are also a great tactic to drive urgency with customers.If you would like more information on how KEY27 online Marketing Oakville can assist your business with conversion optimization, get in touch with our professional digital marketing team today and book a consultation (the first meeting is on us).