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With the rapid evolution of mobile marketing and the accelerated innovations of smartphone technology, few marketing fields are as exciting today. While consumer habits and mobile technology change so fast, your mobile marketing must be as cutting-edge as possible.

Digital marketing companies immediately noticed a shift to online shopping because of COVID-19. Downloads of shopping apps spiked by 20% from before the pandemic (January 2020) to the early pandemic days (April 2020). Once the fear had lessened, 59% of consumers still preferred to shop via their cell phones. This is particularly important if your ideal customer falls between the ages of 18 and 44 years old.

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Because users often use their cell phones to look up information on the go, an effective mobile and digital marketing strategy is also a boon for local search engine optimization.

Over the past years, we – as a leading digital marketing company – have seen some campaigns which have blown our minds with their ingenuity. Here are a few of our favorites to inspire you:

Ikea App Catalog

This app allows users to scan a product code and view the item in their own home by overlaying it on an image of their room. The app was downloaded over 6 million times in 2020 – making it the most downloaded brand app!


The app – used to promote the band’s new album – makes available over 500 virtual locations of “Gorillaz House” where fans could listen to the new album “Humanz”.
Using augmented reality, this application superimposes elements of the virtual band’s music videos in the user’s environment. The campaign received the Golden Lion at Cannes.


Levi’s used opt-in and geo-targeted ads to build a subscription base. The jeans brand gained a deep connection with their mobile users by showing targeted ads in the vicinities of their stores.

Tinder & Manchester City

This collaboration saw Tinder interacting with fans of the British soccer team, including games, AR experiences and stadium events. The global love for the game mirrors Tinder’s full availability, in more than 200 countries and 40 languages. Aimed at young adults who know how to talk about mobile devices and share “A love for the game and its teams”, this brilliant campaign made us want to swipe right!

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According to industry forecasts, targeted mobile advertising spending in the United States is forecast to surpass $32 billion by the end of 2023 – with global trends following suit.

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