In case there was not clear enough: Google does not like the ‘duplicated content’. You can see below what they mean by duplicated content. And I would say this does not apply only to affiliate programs and only to video’s.

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google-toolOur quality guidelines warn against running a site with thin or scraped content without adding substantial added value to the user. Recently, we’ve seen this behavior on many video sites, particularly in the adult industry, but also elsewhere. These sites display content provided by an affiliate program—the same content that is available across hundreds or even thousands of other sites.If your site syndicates content that’s available elsewhere, a good question to ask is: “Does this site provide significant added benefits that would make a user want to visit this site in search results instead of the original source of the content?” If the answer is “No,” the site may frustrate searchers and violate our quality guidelines. As with any violation of our quality guidelines, we may take action, including removal from our index, in order to maintain the quality of our users’ search results. If you have any questions about our guidelines, you can ask them in our Webmaster Help Forum.Posted by Chris Nelson, Search Quality TeamSo, the question is: what should you do if you still find online useful info you would like to share with your audience?You need to add your own comments and insights about the material you will share (like I am doing now).And from here, you can even go further, by taking the video and posting the video script on your pages (with your comments) or taking a text and using it in a video and share it.