Critical Google Ranking Factors You Should Be Aware Of
A good digital marketer will consider all the Google ranking factors whenever they are working on their business’s online presence. To increase your chances of ranking, convincing people to buy your product, subscribing to your newsletter, or even coming back to your website, you need to keep these concepts in mind

High-Quality Content

For optimal rankings on search engines, your site’s content must be unique, specific and of the highest quality. Do not use generic content that may have already been published on other sites. Mass-produced content is not good enough if you want the top spot. Remember that your content’s main goal is to provide visitors to your site with a pleasant user experience. In other words, although SEO is key, nobody will read content that is not interesting or eloquent. 

Search Intent

Search intent is also called user intent or audience intent and is the term used to describe the purpose of an online search. SEO experts recognize four main types of intent:

  • Informational intent is when a search on the internet is done by people looking for information like the weather forecast
  • Navigational intent is when users want to visit a specific website
  • Transactional intent is when the purpose is to buy something at that moment
  • Commercial investigation intent is when people have the intention to buy in the (near) future and use the web to do their research

Google is constantly trying to enhance its algorithm in order to determine people’s search intent. Organic search results are typically displayed that best fit the search term that is being used, as well as the intent behind the query. Ideally, you want your post to answer the user’s search intent

Internal and External Links

Internal links (when the site links to URLs on the same domain) help users to navigate your site and therefore help your rankings; whereas external links are used to indicate a site’s credibility to search engines. Boost links on your site and improve your search engines position

Useful Backlinks

Search engines view backlinks as indicators of quality content that is supported by other websites. Having more backlinks can rank your site higher on search engine results pages. Having authoritative backlinks is one of the biggest markers that Google considers for ranking content. If quality sites are linking to yours, it is like a vote of confidence. On the other hand, a website that Google regards as spam would not be a valuable backlink for your SEO position. Pay attention to your usage of no-follow links, follow links, sponsored links, UCG links and high authority links

On-Page Optimization

Effective on-page optimization combines several factors. To improve your performance in a structured way, requires analysis and regular monitoring. It is not really beneficial to optimize the structure or content of your website if the process is not geared towards achieving your site’s goals. Likewise, a detailed assessment of underlying issues should be the foundation of your optimization. In fact, you could actually harm the stability of keyword rankings or create a decrease in conversion rates if your optimization measures are not based on research-based planning

Effective Keyword Research

Effective online marketing requires an understanding of the type of search queries and keywords your audience uses in a search relating to your business. The marketer should investigate the keywords that resonate with your customers by making use of keyword research tools. These tools will help plan your content strategy by knowing the keywords wanted and inform your SEO and PPC campaigns. 

Take a look at what is available on the market and read reviews before you commit to a specific tool. Some of the better ones include:

  • Serpstat , which is an all-in-one SEO software suite with 30+ tools to help with all aspects of marketing campaigns
  • Mangools is considered an excellent tool for beginners. It is affordable and intuitive, and is considered highly effective at finding low-competition, high-volume keywords
  • SE Ranking is regarded as a great keyword research tool for agencies and large marketing teams, offering built-in collaboration tools, a white-label interface, and flexible pricing plans


Crawlability is the search engine’s ability to access and crawl content on a page. When your site has no crawlability issues, web crawlers can access all its content with ease by following links between pages. If the bot encounters too many broken links or dead ends or a robots.txt file blocks it, it will not be able to accurately crawl your site. Searchers will therefore have difficulty finding you.

Load Speed

Your site’s page speed should be as fast as possible without compromising the user experience. Google aims for the speed of a blink, but there are many factors that affect speed: the browser, device, web hosting provider, and – of course – the content of the page. Remember that you should aim to optimize speed based on the majority of your visitors’ needs to place your site 1st  in SEO

Site Authority

Website authority ” is a concept in SEO that refers to the “strength” of a specific domain and leads directly to a strong Google visibility score or SEO position. It is also known as ‘domain authority’ and describes its relevance for a particular subject area or industry. It has a direct impact on its ranking by search engines, attempting to assess domain authority using automated analytic algorithms. Authoritative sites seldom end up on page two of Google

User Engagement

User engagement is an attempt to measure how visitors to your site are engaging with the content as opposed to just clicking. This also affects your search engine placement. Some of the metrics used to measure this include the amount of time spent on a page, comments left, sharing, answering questions or surveys and more

An experienced digital marketing team will know what people search for, how to track search engine rankings, how to be top of Google rankings, which site factors need tweaking and what are the main factors that determine ad quality. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with Key27 Marketing for help with these Google ranking factors and so much more!