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These days more than ever, a strong online presence is key to business strategy. And yet, as more and more businesses launch and relaunch their websites, how can you rise above the noise? Why should customers choose you over your competition?

Content is king

With our Online Content Design program, we’ll make you the star of the internet. We’ll create a foundation of content that showcases your business and what you do. Our custom-designed content, tailor made just for you and your business, will distinguish you from the competition using storytelling that makes visitors want to keep reading.

Proven and effective online strategy

For so many websites, the question is: Now that I’ve built my website, how do I get visitors to come here? And when they do arrive, how do I get them to work with me? With our smart, intuitive online strategy, we’ll ensure a growing audience for your brand that translates into increased sales. Using in-depth analytics, savvy SEO, engaging design, compelling storytelling and effective conversion strategy, we’ll help you attract the audience you’re looking for, convert them into customers and keep them coming back for more.Plus, with our ongoing website marketing support and analytics, we’ll help you keep growing and converting your audience. We know that the digital world moves fast. We’ll help you keep evolving your online presence to stay ahead of the game.

We know what we’re talking about

Octavian Nastase is an online conversion optimization expert, with over 20 years of experience as an online marketing expert, business coach and account manager for more than 200 international accounts. Together with his wife Mihaela, a graphic and web designer, he is the founder of KEY27 Marketing in Oakville Ontario, an online marketing agency that has reached a 479% return-on-investment for their clients, and up to 67% improvement in online performance.Read to talk? Click here to set up a call.