hammer time
We mentioned some time ago about Google action against ‘guest blogging’.They made it very clear and direct. With no other ways to interpret it.But, some did not pay attention to details and they wanted to make a stand.Conclusion: it did not work.Here is the article I am referring to: https://econsultancy.com/blog/64552-google-takes-action-against-major-guest-blog-networkWhen you hear these news you can do 2 things: – Stick to what you are doing, thinking that you are OK, or nobody will notice, or thinking that you’re doing the right thing – Stop for a moment and review your online tactics, to make sure you ARE on the right track and no harm will come from your online marketing strategies.But, do not do this second option by yourself. An Online Marketing Consultant will be a great help.Good luck and stay on the bright side of the road.