get to know us better


get to know us better

Who are we?

Paddling the same boat for almost 25 years, using complementary sets of skills and strengths, Octavian and Mihaela Năstase have always been striving to create something significant together, beside their family. In 2007 they began the foundation of KEY27 which two years later started operating formally under this name.

KEY27 is a visual internet marketing company based in Oakville, Ontario, serving Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Hamilton, Mississauga and Toronto. The company relies on its long-time project partners, a team of unique, talented, accountable and trustworthy professionals from Canada and Europe. KEY27’s collaboration concept is based on the approach of complete trust: rather than attaching the strings of rigid contracts to their clients and partners, the KEY27 front-runners prefer to let their work results provide full proof of their value.


KEY27’s vision is to become the online marketing consulting and design company of choice for businesses in Halton Region and surrounding areas.



As a result of decades of training and expertise, KEY27 takes on the mission to provide effective consulting to clients, assist them in setting clear, realistic and reachable marketing goals, and enable them to effectively reach those goals.

KEY 27 is also committed to promoting, enhancing or reinventing each client’s image in order to help them build a positive relationship with their existing customers and community, and to communicate effectively with their new ones in real time.

Core Values

Focus on results






The Team:

Octavian Nastase

KEY27’s online conversion optimization expert, has over 20 years of experience as an internet marketing expert, …

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Mihaela Nastase

KEY27’s graphic and web designer and softer side of the team, has always had a deep thirst for new creative projects, …

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Why KEY27?

The code-type brand name KEY27 implies the classic meanings of key (from the problem solving clue to the tool that opens doors and windows towards new possibilities), the modern one of the workstation component, combined with the Năstase couple’s personal affinity to number 27, which has marked numerous milestones in their family and professional life. Thus, KEY27 reflects this team’s passionate work in creating new, sometimes unexpected possibilities for the clients, always with a personal connection that fine clients do regard.