Question: What is/was the most exciting opportunity?digital marketing experience 2015While the objectives for 2014 were not reached, Customer Experience is still the most look after subject for 2015, at a quite long distance from the next ‘contestant’ – Content Marketing.And, on a regional basis North America leads the marketing experience 2015We cannot ignore this, as businesses and as clients.As clients, we should see this interest manifested in different aspects and ways we are in contact with businesses to have our needs resolved.NOT faking solving it, as Canada Post was trying to cover the late delivery (after 5 days) of an Xpresspost envelope, by calling at 7:25 am, no leaving any message and saying that nobody answered the phone to confirm the address. Nice try, but NO, behaviour like this cannot be accepted.As businesses, we have to look for the best solution for our clients and partners. If we do not do this why are we in business? Just to get more money? This is not gonna happened for long if we neglect the satisfaction of our clients and partners.Yes, mistakes happened but is important how and what we learn from them.Personalization … this is the big winner from the below graphic:digital marketing customer experience 2015How many small and medium businesses are taking care of the personalization of their offer, of their message, of their landing page? hmmm … I would say not too many. Why is that? Some do not have the budget, some do not understand, for some does not make much of a difference, some do not know. But the good thing is that companies are focus and interested to make it easier and valuable for us to work with them. This month I had the need to contact my insurance broker (Buckley Insurance) and I could not get a hold of them by phone. I looked online foe their Facebook account and I sent a message there. I found out (in a matter of minutes) that they had some trouble with the phone lines, but somebody will contact me … it did .. same day … and it helped solved my issue. Thank you!So, in order to finish in a positive way today, see below the plans for 2015, regarding customer service:online marketing oakville differentiator 2015… and is not us who is saying it.May success and great customer service come your way!Octavian Nastase Online Marketing Expert – Oakville ON