Interesting results for this question: To what extent does digital permeate your own organization’s marketing activities?digital_and_marketing_activitiesThe positive aspect: 70% of companies have the digital marketing tactics integrated with the other marketing programs. So, more and more companies are seeing how to benefit from digital, not only in combining online and offline marketing campaigns, but understanding how to do it and how to track it. Because for any campaign you put in place, you need to know which one works better and brings better results (if any). Tracking and Analytics go hand in hand.Not so positive: for almost a third of the companies the digital world is separate or they have no idea how or if is used. Why is that? Is it because the decision makers do not care about having proper intelligence in order to take the proper decisions? Is about the fact that they do not have a budget? OR time? Is it because they do not see the connection which is needed between online and offline marketing tactics? Or is it because we, the online marketing consultants and experts, are not able to show the information in a manner and language everybody can understand? Or we think that the clients need to just listen not to understand?Another answer which got my attention, was regarding experimenting with digital in marketing experimenting 2015The companies are open to the idea of experimenting, of testing to identify which channel or source is working better, or which offer or page copy helps more with conversion. This will be a lot of interesting works needed to be done and, at KEY27 online marketing, we are looking forward to it. Until now, our experiments / online tests brought to our partners online business increases in conversions from 37% to 65%, with a confidence level of 96-99%. And we are committed to make it better.That’s it for today. See you soon.Octavian Nastase Online Marketing Expert – Oakville ON