In a recent report, a Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing, Adobe released some interesting facts about 2014 (see the image below). 2014_Adobe_predicted_vs_actual Content Marketing, Social and Video exceeded the 2014 predictions, which is not a surprise. I am surprised by Customer Experience and Personalization being ‘less important’ (relatively to the prediction). Content Marketing, Social, Video, I see them as smart tools (tactics) to get the right message to the right audience. But Conversion and Online Performance Improvement is happening when you offer a great Online Customer Experience and Personalize it as much as you can. Marketing Automation and working with Big Data might not come handy for small and medium businesses. But all the rest is achievable and can be customized for SME’s budgets. Another surprise is Mobile. Which means a lot of businesses out there do not pay attention to this channel. They will have to because their clients will force them. Not sure if you are in this category? Look at your Analytics reports. (do not have Analytics reports set up?… we can assist) I will be back with more comments related to this report. Octavian Nastase Online Marketing Expert – Oakville ON